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Local 1805 Memery Makers 2013

Memories are being made at the Clark County Fair. Fire District 6 is pleased to have the opportunity to provide some good clean fun to families of seriously ill children. With sponsorships from the Clark County Fair, Peoples Community Credit Union, and Butler Amusements, this program is celebrating its fourth year. This year, our children will be coming from the Providence Child Center for medically fragile children and Legacy Children’s Hospital. Fire District 6 firefighters and firefighter/paramedics from the International Association of Firefighters Local 1805 will escort the children and their families to the Fair. The families are treated to a tour of all the animals, the children’s area, free carnival rides, a chance to win at the carnival games, and that great fair food – especially the Dairy Women’s milkshakes. The families are able to enjoy a day out with their kids with the knowledge that medically trained individuals are right there in case of a problem.


Local 1805 Memory Makers 8-9-2013-0044

Local 1805 Memory Makers 8-9-2013-0143

Local 1805 Memory Makers 8-9-2013-0244