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Muscular Dystrophy Association Locked-Up in McMinnville

What we use to describe a lock upOn Wednesday, Oct 16th , the Muscular Dystrophy Association locked up the most notorious citizens of the McMinnville area. Jailbirds were arrested at their place of business by Special MDA agents (United States Navy), then transported to our “jailhouse” at La Rambla.  Upon arrival, they were booked by our Celebrity Judge and had their mug shot taken by Firehouse Foto. They were then escorted to their “jail cell” to finish raising their bail. Each Jailbird enjoyed La Rambla’s version of “bread and water” as they raised more of their bail.Bail was set at $1,600 per jailbird. All monies raised support local families with clinic visits at OHSU and Shriners Hospitals, MDA’s Summer Camp for kids, research, medical equipment repairs, and support groups. Additionally, the Jailbirds that raised their bail goal are sending two children to camp!



MDA Lock_UP THE LARAMBLA 10-16-2013-055

MDA Lock_UP THE LARAMBLA 10-16-2013-045

MDA Lock_UP THE LARAMBLA 10-16-2013-006